Let’s Bridge the Worlds!

Adapting new technologies and developing new protocols to introduce a decentralized economy is what we are striving for. So buckle up and wait for great things to happen.


Through the open source Bridge Oracle project you have an easy and flexible access to a wide range of data sources, enabling you to connect to your preferred service providers and set up a customized oracle according to your needs and desires.

Feel free to check up the whole whitepaper of our project to learn more about the services and features.

How to buy!

Begin with using any software wallet such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, SafePal, etc. that supports the $BRG token.

How To Buy?

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There are various types of oracle systems. Each type of oracle has its own API contract. The only thing one should do is importing the appropriate API.


There is the possibility to join to Bridge Oracle as an Enterprise oracle service. Service providers can make income by joining to Bridge Oracle and selling the dedicated data.


Clients can pay for their requests using both BNB and BRG. Of course, BRG payment includes a discount.


Bridge Oracle is an open source project and all of its corresponding details have been published widely.


There are various data sources with which Bridge Oracle is integrated. Users can implement each based on their needs.


There are different features in Bridge Oracle. Using such features, users can fetch any time-dependent or time-independent external data into their smart contracts.

Let’s Bridge the Worlds!

Adapting new technologies and developing new protocols to introduce a decentralized economy is what we are striving for.



This data source enables users to fetch every kind of data using HTTP/HTTPS Requests.


Using this data source enables users’ contracts to be able to interact with BTFS services.


This data source redirects users’ requests to computational knowledge of WolframAlpha.

Enterprise Oracle

Enterprises are able to integrate their businesses with Blockchain technology through Bridge Oracle.


This data source generates random numbers and injects them into users’ contracts.

Decentralized Oracle

Users can fetch data using Bridge’s decentralized Oracle and build completely decentralized Applications (DApps).

Oracle Use Cases

Blockchain networks enable smart contracts to be deployed and executed with tamperproof context and clauses. It means that no party (and even creators) is able to manipulate the codes and functions after deployment. The key difference between smart contracts and traditional paper contracts is that smart contracts do not rely on trust in third parties or intermediaries like paper contracts or digital contracts that are programmed on centralized platforms and are subject to changes, terminations, and deletion by a third party. Using Bridge Oracle, smart contracts become a superior tool for executing and realizing digital agreements.

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