Bridge Oracle refutes Mate Tokay’s allegations on market manipulation, claims violation of contract by the co-founder

Bridge Oracle refutes Mate Tokay’s allegations on market manipulation, claims violation of contract by the co-founder

Bridge Oracle alleges Mate Tokay of not fulfilling contract terms as well as violating agreements and launching fake allegations.

January 5, 2021 : Bridge Oracle has officially announced to strongly oppose the allegations launched against the oracle foundation by co-founder Mate Tokay. The rising oracle company has refuted Tokay’s accusations of market manipulation by the former and has rather alleged the Mate Tokay of violating his contract agreements with Bridge Oracle.

In the final quarter of December 2020, Mate Tokay took the crypto world by storm by his announcement of filing legal action against Bridge oracle. As per his accusations, Mate Tokay stated that Bridge Oracle had not paid him the promised sum of 37.5 million BRG. Tokay has further accused Bridge Oracle in manipulating the market.

In response to Tokay’s accusations, Bridge Oracle has stated that they have already paid Tokay an upfront promised payment of 3.5 BTC (in full) when he joined the project as an advisor during their IEO in September 2020. Tokay also received an amount of Bridge tokens that was locked and was supposed to be unlocked monthly for a defined value.

Per the statements of the chief spokesperson from Bridge Oracle, Tokay, despite his commitments, has not provided his full assistance and has fulfilled only a mere 15% (as per of the contractual obligations. As a result, Tokay has legally barely any claim to demand the full payment (37.5 million BRG) unless he completes all the contractual obligations.

“We had hired such a key figure like Mate Tokay with high hopes but he left us only with futile claims. We know Mate Tokay as a widely connected professional in his industry and he had assured us that he would help us to expand our reach through his esteemed networking acumen. He had also promised that he would publish news with defined amounts in, host podcast, weekly meeting and so on. But in reality, he had not talked to anyone about us, had posted just one PR of Bridge oracle and was almost absent most of the time”, stated the spokesperson.

“Tokay never provided the needed assistance we needed despite receiving an upfront payment.”

Speaking further, the spokesperson noted that when they countered Tokay about his false accusations, he started threatening the CEO and team of and has also started demanding exaggerated sums claiming that he will tell exchanges not to list Bridge if the company does not pay the full payment.

“We firmly believe that condition for further payment to Mr. Tokay doesn’t meet and we shouldn’t pay under unfulfilled contract. We also can’t left unnoticed that Mr. Tokay has not only failed to provide us the promised assistance but has disrespected the contract and has also threatened us under false accusations.”