Adapting new technologies and developing new protocols to introduce a decentralized economy is what we are striving for. So buckle up and wait for great things to happen.

Our Values:

We have four simple principles that we are eager to follow in our team.


Blockchain is more than a technology. We’re building the infrastructure for decentralized economy.


We’re inventors of the distributed world. Our software, protocols and algorithms are the foundations for a new Internet.


Internet is hurting the planet. It’s up to us to bring the revolution that will make our digital world sustainable.


We stand for the liberty for everyone to create, innovate, and contribute to a better world.

What is a
Blockchain Oracle?

Oracles provide the connection between real world data and the blockchain. They turn external data into a format that smart contracts can understand, while validating that the information is valid and correct. Through the use of oracles, smart contracts can be triggered by external events.

What is the
Oracle Problem?

The largest concern when it comes to any type of Oracle is the level of Centralization. Centralization leads to the potential of attacks or falsified data. That is why there is a need for complete transparency, which is nearly impossible in most cases.

How is Bridge Oracle
solving the Oracle problem?

Our approach to solving the Oracle problem is very unique and has never been accomplished before.
Through our Oracle Aggregator, developers and projects can access decentralized, accurate, safe, and high frequency data through fully trustless smart contracts.